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"Imaginative" - "Whimsical" - "Fun" - "Thematic Children's Library Furniture"

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Children's Library Furniture

Fresh Coast - Imaginative Children's Library Furniture

  • Imaginative Children's Furniture
  • Whimsical Designed For Children's Library Market
  • Creative In Artwork Appealing To Youth And Children
  • High Quality Furniture Designed For Public Spaces
  • High Regard For Sustainability

Canadian References
Abbotsford Public Library
London Public Library
Saskatoon Public Library
Ottawa Public Library
Several More upon request


A CNC controlled laser is used to cut a chair shell forming a three dimensional image on the chair back. One side of the chair will show the creatures front side characteristics (such as eyes and nose) and the opposite side will show the creatures backside characteristics (such as a tail). Laser engraving and laser cutting is typically combined to create the different characteristics of the eve creature.

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A CNC controlled laser is used to cut through the back of the shell, forming an opening. This space cr eates an image that is visible from both sides of the chair shell

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Children's Tables and Chairs that are "Imaginative, Whimsical, Fun , that help to create warm thematic public area.