Nansen Group have been dedicated to the Library and Office Furniture market since 2003. We are a team of professionals specializing in High Quality Library furnishings, book stacks and Contemporary Office furniture equipment. Our focus is the University, Public, School and Specialty Libraries Market. Each project has unique goals specific to each individual Libraries needs. Our goal is to work collaboratively with each library and provide them with professional solutions that enhance overall design and theme of the facility. We reach these goals with a team of professionals that give us access to a myriad of creative and innovative ideas.

Professional Services in:

  1. Space Planning and Blueprints
  2. CAD design and Equipment plans
  3. Equipment Schedules and Specifications
  4. Furniture and shelving estimates
  5. Layout and Configuration expertise
  6. Interior Design Consultancy
  7. Certified seismic installations

Our suppliers are world class and provide the ability to supplement their extensive experience and wide variety of state of the art manufacturing equipment to meet the custom needs of their market place. Their quality control processes are highly recognized and ensure nothing but the best product when completed.

Our manufacturers believe the best way to build a quality product is to be in control of the entire process... from raw materials right on through to customer delivery and every step in between. Our extensive use of CAD systems for product design and shelving systems layouts is our technological commitment to product service and excellence. Also, our use of automation and in-house tool design and construction throughout the process assures product excellence at a cost less than our competitors.

Nansen Group does not take short cuts. Only the highest quality materials are used. Finally, our products are carefully packaged to help ensure damage free shipment. So when the Nansen Group supplier’s nameplate goes on you know exactly what's gone into the product it identifies. Quality, Value and an uncompromising dedication to customer service.

Our motto is "From Concept to Completion" meaning we are committed from the start of your project to the finish. We feel there is no better test of this than through our past references.